The Lab

We act on ideas and bring them forward closer to reality. Right now we are working on areas that are software focused although we would like to expand to wider areas in the future. We brainstorm ideas, evaluate them and then produce prototypes.

We collaborate with people outside our lab at every step of our Research and Development process. Some of the activities are under NDA but most are available to public.

We also run an extensive summer internship program for 3rd year university students in Cairo.

Pitch and Collaborate with Us:

We need your ideas, your obsessions, your passion, and the stories you can't stop telling. We're up for anything. Bring us something that you can't quit contemplating. We will help you to give your idea a fighting chance.

That said, here are some tips about what Inno Labs wants. For starters, we tell long stories, but we love a shorter pitch. Try throwing something at us that's 250 words or less. What to pack into those words? Keep the two pointers in mind.

  • The idea brief.
  • Don't hold back