Our Approach


Our main concern at InnoLabs is to brainstorm as much ideas as we can and then choose those that can be converted into executable projects.


After we come up with the ideas, we evaluate these ideas to figure out if these ideas are valuable, feasible, and worth building or we need to find better ones.

We perform multitude of research depending on the domain of the topics we are pursuing. The result of this result is a research notebook that contains samples and literature within a given domain.

We engage domain experts at this phase.


The next step is that we start building a prototype for this idea. The main reason of building this prototype is that it gives us a better understanding of how the product will be, so we can build the final product in a better way.


After we have the prototype, we start testing it with the people we are targeting and see if this product will be generally accepted and useful, or the people won't use it.


During all the previous steps, the idea that we came up with is constantly being modified till we come to this step when we have the complete idea and a prototype of it, so we start to develop the final product eventually.